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Charme Rosè

IGT Sicilia

Blend of native Sicilian grapes

Charme Rosè is the delicate gift that Borgo Guarini reserves for lovers of Sicilian native vine varieties. On some slopes of this hill, immersed in the Trapani countryside, native Sicilian black grape varieties are selected and harvested slightly before they have fully ripened in order to protect their aromatic properties and acidity. The regular vinification of the white grapes comes into brief contact with the skins of the black grapes giving the wine its characteristic, pleasant pink colour. The successive sparkling process, where bubbles are introduced to the wine in an autoclave, enhances this union making Charme Rosé so shiningly extrovert. Its silky bead introduces enchanting aromas that are enhanced by its fresh, fragrant flavour: a wine full of character, it is the ideal accompaniment to carefree moments.


Charme Rosé

Intense notes and a refined bead for a native Sicilian blend

The cultivation of vines on the Borgo Guarini Estate allows the study and experimentation of the microclimate and soil conditions’ influence on each single vine variety. Like an experimental plot it is an open air laboratory. The orographic variety of this microcosm in the Trapani countryside is a constant stimulus to Firriato’s staff as they forever strive to bring out the best of this land. Vines of the same variety have different ripening times as well as different grape budding times. These variables are fully conveyed in Charme Rosé. The red grapes in this blend balance together without hesitation offering an elegant and complex aromatic profile that conveys the identifying characteristics of their terroir of origin. The sparkling process does none other than add zest and pleasure to this wine’s drinkability, giving it a fresh and decisive flavour in the glass with the intensity and integrity of the characteristic aromas of these Sicilian red grape vine varieties.


The characteristics of vintages

Compared to grape harvest 2015,estimates suggested a reduction by 40% in rainfalls over the winter period, although around 80-90 mm of water have been recorded over the rainfalls in May. Grape harvest 2016 is characterised by significant promising wines  and a reduction of the production of about 10% compared to grape harvest 2015. Broadly speaking, vintage 2016 enabled us to produce aromatic fresh whites thanks to a correct maturation ensuring balanced production without thermal stress.

The slow development has favored the quality of the grapes showed a level of flavor and acidity perfectly in line with the characteristics of each type.

Date of collection:  September 10th

Organoleptic characteristics
From bright yellow. The aroma is reminiscent of slightly aromatic exotic fruits, expresses complex and elegant notes of rose flowers, honey .At the palate the structure is vigorous, sustained by the acidity, the finish is mineral.


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