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Tasting notes

The glass is a beautiful ruby ​​red, with purple reflections to the eye. Punctual to the nose, it lets perceive fruity hints of morello cherry, blackberry and black currant, then followed by menthol, spicy and aromatic herbs. The mouth is well balanced, elegant in tannins and excellent in length.


Excellent with medium-aged cheeses and with all meat-based dishes, it is best served with oven-baked potatoes.


The Ceuso farm is located in the hills surrounding the small town of Calatafimi Segesta, located in the province of Trapani, history as the place of the first victory ...

Terre Siciliane Rosso IGP "Fastaia" 2015 - Ceuso: Because we like it

The two Bordeaux wines of cabernet sauvignon and merlot meet the Sicilian lands, to join in a blend with an international flavor, which takes the name of "Fastaia", whose term refers to the stream that flows between the company rows of the Ceuso winery. Matured for over a year in vitrified cement tanks, and aged for a further eight months in the bottle, it is not filtered and gathers all the best characteristics of fruit and territory to the taste. The typicalities of the two international harmonize beautifully, to then be enriched by the savory and mineral veins given to grapes from the Mediterranean lands of Trapani. The result is an excellent Rosso, which touches very high quality standards. It is a Red to not be missed.

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