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Organoleptic characteristics
With a pale yellow color with greenish reflections, it presents
a very fine and persistent perlage with an elegant crown
of foam. On the nose, rich with hints of yeast and crust
of bread. In the mouth full and balanced with a pleasant
acidic finish.

The grapes come from the Salemi estate at an altitude
of about 170 meters above sea level, from a land with structure
marly / chalky.
Early August, after a careful selection of the cru
most suitable.
Vinification of the Base Wine
After a careful selection of the grapes, they come
gently pressed and vinified in steel wine tanks
at about 15 ° C. At the end of fermentation, maturation
continues on the lees.
Second fermentation and maturation
In the spring following the harvest, the base wine
it is refermented in the bottle at a temperature
of 15 ° C, for about 50 days. Once the second fermentation is completed,
the bottles remain in the stack for at least 24 months.
Subsequently, the bottles are placed in the
"Pupitres" to carry out the "Reumage" and allow
the clarification of the product. After about 30 days of
“Reumage”, disgorging and dosing of the

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