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DOC Sicilia

Catarratto, Chardonnay

Precision viticulture and respectful oenology are emblems of the Di Gaetano family’s production philosophy, an original product of which is Santagostino Baglio Sorìa Bianco. This is a label that has raised Firriato’s renown and reputation in all four corners of the world. It is a blend of Catarratto, the most diffuse native Sicilian white grape variety, and Chardonnay, the non-native international variety which has best adapted to the island. The mineral content from the Baglio Sorìa soils blends in balance with the freshness of the floral and fruity fragrances of the Catarratto, and the rich complex body of the Chardonnay’s bouquet. The particular fragrance envelops the palate making Santagostino Baglio Sorìa Bianco a rare example of high quality oenology in the field of Sicilian winemaking and producing. The result is a wine with elegant and sophisticated character.

An authentic icon of Firriato and of Sicily

Santagostino Baglio Sorìa Bianco is a symbol which perfectly represents Firriato’s history. This union of an authentically Sicilian vine with an international one that has found in Sicily its terroir of choice, gives a wine that marks an important accomplishment in high-quality Sicilian oenology. The most suitable climate and soil conditions  for Catarratto and international Chardonnay vines are  offered by The Baglio Sorìa estate.

The characteristics of vintages

Compared to grape harvest 2015,estimates suggested a reduction by 40% in rainfalls over the winter period, although around 80-90 mm of water have been recorded over the rainfalls in May. Grape harvest 2016 is characterised by significant promising wines  and a reduction of the production of about 10% compared to grape harvest 2015. Broadly speaking, vintage 2016 enabled us to produce aromatic fresh whites thanks to a correct maturation ensuring balanced production without thermal stress.

Organoleptic characteristics
Wine with a distinguishing character: the blend of an international and an indigenous vines attains a particular profile. Brilliant golden yellow in color, with a complex aromatic profile decisively wide and varied in nuances from flowery notes to white plum, peach and cantaloupe. Optimum balance on the palate, with salty and acid notes.


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